Welcome to our new Homepage!

Welcome! This is our new Homepage. We’ve got a new look and we’re hoping that the site will be easy to use, will give you lots of information and make it easier for you to find out about us and get in touch so that we can organise some fantastic adventures for you.

It’s been something of a work in progress for far too long and we’ve decided to take the “leap” and publish it today on leap year day.

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Back on the river

Well with the storm force winds and the tremendously high river levels that we’ve experienced over the winter we’ve had a lot less time out in boats than we usually do.  It’s been far too windy on the lakes and with the destruction of Storm Desmond still having an impact on our local rivers, the Kent, the Leven, the Brathay, the Rothay and the Lune we’ve done a lot less canoeing and kayaking than normal over the winter.  But this week we finally had a spell of settled weather so we took the chance to venture out.  Every year we run a few British Canoeing 3 star training courses and a couple of assessments.  This week we were out getting in some gentle white water paddling to home those white water kayaking skills ready for the 3 star assessment.

On Wednesday we headed up to Grasmere, not for gingerbread (poor planning!) but to investigate the state of the Rothay in the hope that it would be possible to get onto the river.  We were greeted by the Environment Agency, still working hard to clear the debris that had been washed down from Dunmail Raise with a massive digger.  Their work did mean that the get in was a smooth track where the digger had been working, almost as if they’d cleared a path for us.


The day was bright and clear and if anything the river was a little low but it was a great introduction for Kevin and a most enjoyable day all round.

How to: Learn to roll a kayak


When people are learning to kayak there comes a point where they really need to be able to roll your kayak rather than “bale” in the event of a capsize.  This is a skill that is especially important when paddling on white water, but also in canoe polo and on the seal.  We teach people to roll every year as part of our instructor training course and this year is no exception.  As always we start off building water confidence and with lots of rescue practice whenever we are out.  This has been more testing than normal this year with the unusually inclement weather that we’ve experienced.

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