Abseiling is the thrilling descent of a cliff, pothole or waterfall with the use of a rope.  These range from a gently sloping small outcrop to the mega vertical and overhanging Cathedral Quarry.  You can also abseil down caves as part of a potholing trip or the more extreme and technical canyoning where you will be guided to abseil down waterfalls.  Abseiling is a challenge which is on many people’s bucket list.  We will teach you the skills you need to abseil and support you to develop confidence in yourself and your equipment before you set off.

Suitable for…

We can take you abseiling all over the Lake District often part of a climbing and abseiling adventure or as an activity in its own right.  We have abseils suitable for both children and adults as well as the more technical abseiling in canyons and caves.   Often done as a challenge activity or a fundraising activity for charity fundraising.  We have even helped two local vicars to abseil off their church tower as part of a charity fundraiser.  We will always be able to find one that will definitely test and challenge you…..

We often include some abseiling as part of a climbing day and this is the most suitable way to introduce children under 13.  If you want to challenge yourself with a really steep and high abseil then our 50m mega abseil is a fantastic challenge.