Archery is a fantastic activity where you can start with no experience and quickly progress. We have our own field at our base and archery is suitable as a half day activity for everyone young and old. Dave is a GNAS archery leader who trained under the UK champion Philip Van Buran.

Archery usually takes place at our base in the Lyth Valley recently voted one of the ‘Most Beautiful Places On Earth’ however we can take it to any location where there is suitable grounds to set up our equipment (usually a large, mown field).

Archery is an activity for the whole family with Dave’s Adventure Company.  So why not book now and have a peaceful afternoon enjoying this ancient sport in the beautiful Lyth Valley.

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The AdventureMakers are conveniently located in the Lyth Valley, South Lakes, Cumbria which is close to Windermere. Archery is a great activity that is suitable for everyone young and old, so the whole family can join in.  You can also have competitions which can be a great finish after a day or weekend of other activities. Archery can cater for all group sizes and we have even had a bbq at the same time for a great social event.

Archery team building events are suitable for small and large groups.  They are great fun as everyone quickly learns the basics.

This activity is also brilliant for stag parties and hen parties.

Archers young and old love learning to improve their aim.

Perfect for family celebrations or a relaxed activity with a group of friends or colleagues.

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