Ghyll Scrambling

Ghyll Scrambling (AKA Gorge walking, Gorge scrambling, Canyoning) is probably the most popular activity you can choose in the Lake District.  There are loads of ghylls, gorges and canyons to choose from and there are ones that will be suitable for your group.  We have one suitable for young children, adventurous teenagers and adults as well as more advanced trips available for the people who want something a bit more extreme.  Ghyll scrambling in the Lake District is such good fun that it is an essential element of an adventurous family holiday in the lakes, brilliant for groups wanting to celebrate together and perfect for team building.

Where can I go ghyll scrambling?

Ghyll Scrambling takes place in various locations in the Lake District as well as the Yorkshire Dales.  Ghyll scrambling with the Adventure Makers is usually a very wet affair that is why we provide high quality wetsuits so you can really enjoy the experience.  It is probably the most fun you can have getting wet and involves moving up a mountain ‘Ghyll’ (Lake District work for a small mountain stream or river) and can involve wading, climbs, jumps, slides, swims, teamwork, and an enthusiastic smile.


Ghyll scrambling adventures…