A brilliant adventure if you want to challenge yourself and explore where few people have ever ventured.  You will be exploring some of the vertical sections of a more technical cave or pothole.  The Yorkshire Dales offers the very best of the UKs caving and potholing including the Three Counties system running under Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria with of 50km of passageway…  Don’t worry though, we won’t expect you to explore the whole system in one day!

Who is this for?

This is a more technical caving trip where your underground adventures will include some vertical sections.  You will be abseiling down into the cave and in some systems you will need to climb a ladder on the way out.  We also have some “through trips” where it’s possible to follow the water through the cave or pothole and come out with the river at the bottom.


of caving ladders to help you explore…

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