Canoeing Kit List

We will bring

  • wetsuit
  • cag jacket
  • buoyancy aid
  • helmet

You need to bring

  • something to wear under your wetsuit (underwear, a rash vest/old t-shirt)
  • old trainers or boat shoes to wear in the boat – these will get wet
  • a BIG towel – for changing
  • a complete set of warm clothes to put on afterwards even if you plan to stay dry (because accidents do happen)
  • any medicines you might need e.g. inhaler/epipen

If you’d prefer a “dry” canoeing experience and opt not to wear a wetsuit then shorts or 3/4 length trousers are best as it’s hard to avoid getting some water in the boat.  You’ll still need old trainers or boat shoes as your feet will get wet.

If you’d like to stay dry then please let us know.  It’s not compulsory to fall in.  Our boats are very stable and very few people get wet without intending to.  However some people do just seem to turn their boats over for no apparent reason.

If you’ve booked with a group of friends, family or colleagues it’s probably best to assume that you will get wet at some point…

If you are paddling all day you will need a good packed lunch.

Please note we do need to know about any medical or other issues that could effect safety. This includes things like epilepsy, diabetes, asthma and if any party members are unable to swim. If anyone is unsure or doesn’t want to share this information with the rest of the group please get in touch