How to: Learn to roll a kayak


When people are learning to kayak there comes a point where they really need to be able to roll your kayak rather than “bale” in the event of a capsize.  This is a skill that is especially important when paddling on white water, but also in canoe polo and on the seal.  We teach people to roll every year as part of our instructor training course and this year is no exception.  As always we start off building water confidence and with lots of rescue practice whenever we are out.  This has been more testing than normal this year with the unusually inclement weather that we’ve experienced.

Nevertheless, these basic kayak rolling skills have been built up alongside the kayaking fundamentals which are the key to good boat control.  It was a little later than normal that we finally felt that everything was in place for the roll to be mastered successfully but early this week we were off to the pool for some skill acquisition.

As always it was a very pleasant environment to learn the basics and start to build our students ability to roll.  It’s never quite so enticing once we get back on the river to put this newly acquired skill into practice in the real world but clear blue skies had the effect of motivating everyone to succeed without spending too much time with their head in the icy cold water.

So the new skill has been acquired and we’re hoping for slightly warmer waters as we continue to practise.

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