May 2016 Scottish Canyoning Symposium

Dave and Arran have just come back from the Scottish Canyoning symposium where an international crowd met for a few days to explore the great canyons of Scotland and meet lots of old friends while making some new ones.  Also took the opportunity to traverse the Anoech Enoech ridge usually described as the best ridge scramble in mainland Britain on what was the most perfect day imaginable (absolutely fantastic) And not content with all that Arran decided to sail up to Scotland With Chris just to prolong the adventure further – Excellent winds so made for a fast journey however it did come at a price of heavy seas and no sleep….

This was the first Scottish Canyoning Symposium Based at Vertical Descents new base in Kinlochleven and home to the Grey Mares Tail and a new via ferrata.   The team in Scotland had organised a great event, with t- Shirts, BBQ’s, plenty of liquid refreshment, and a great bunch of people including canyoners from Spain, Sicily and the Netherlands, along with a couple of commercial companies selling canyoning kit.

Me and Arran explored the Dundonnel, Inchree, Nathrach (already done the Grey mares Tail).  All excellent canyons and all with there own special features; the Inchree was the first and one of the best commercially operated canyons developed by Vertical Descents in Scotland and pretty much the driving force for canyoning in Scotland and the UK as we know now. The Dundonnel is far up in the north 3 hours from Fort William well worth the drive, massive jumps, dark deep water, technical abseils, and deep steep sides giving a good sense of foreboding and commitment arguably one of the best canyons in Scotland.  The Nathrach was my favorite, loads of pitches, great jumps and a fabulous team to spend the day with.

The Scottish Canyoning Symposium was a fantastic event and a great success, looking forward to my next adventure north.

Dave and Arran