What is the risk involved in an adventurous activity?

There is an element of risk in any adventurous activity.  Bumps and scrapes due to trips and slips are not uncommon, but adventurous activities do carry the risk of far more serious injury and in some (thankfully very rare) cases death.

AdventureMakers have clear obligations and responsibilities and we take these very seriously.  We take the safety of all participants very seriously. Our instructors are all experienced and suitably qualified. We have risk assessed all of our adventures and do everything we reasonably can to keep people safe.  We are licensed as a provider of adventurous activities to under 18s with the Adventurous Activities Licensing Service and regularly inspected to ensure our risk management is robust and up to date.

We expect all participants to contribute to their own and each other’s safety and to follow the instructions given by our staff.

Acknowledgement of Risk